Marie Jones: Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic!


A vivid 15m knitted landscape sets the scene for contemplation on the aspirations we chose in life, how much is dictated by our own decisions and how much is influenced by those around us. Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic! is the inaugural solo show from the 2018 Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival Open Exhibition winner, artist Marie Jones (Kochi Kochi). The show considers the career paths that women take in life and what barriers, opportunities or influences have affected their decisions along the way.
“Whilst spending time in Warrington Museum & Art Gallery over this past year, I noticed that the main art gallery currently only exhibits works by a small number of male artists. The most contemporary piece however is by Grayson Perry who does sometimes like to dress as a lady! Adjacent, under the stairwell, there has been a temporary token display of astounding achievements made by 21 women who are connected to Warrington”.
By intervening in the main gallery, Marie highlights this divide by interviewing female artists in Warrington whilst getting stuck in the town’s traffic. In Gallery 4, the knitted landscape, Daring Greatly sets the stage for the artist where throughout October she will work with local Girl Guide groups towards their Forget Me Knot badge to unearth how a younger generation of girls see their future career paths perhaps before their decisions are influenced by those around them.


Sat 05 Oct 2019 - Sun 09 Feb 2020

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